Confused about where to start with the actuarial career? Looking to give advice to others about the actuarial career that you wish you were given? Consider SAM’s Mentorship Program! The Mentorship Program sets up every prospective actuarial student with a mentor to help guide them through their actuarial journey with both professional and social events. If interested in becoming either a mentor or a mentee, fill out one of the forms below!


Mentee Interest Form

Fill this out if you are interested in having a SAM mentor to help guide you throughout your actuarial education! A lot of the questions will be used to better match you with a mentor. The Mentorship program is one of SAM's best features!

Mentor Interest Form

Fill this out if you are interested in mentoring a freshman or sophomore through their actuarial education! We will use the following information in our Speed Dating event. Please consider signing up as this will help SAM continue to grow our mentorship program!

Typical events held by the membership program: